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Cardinal Key recognizes engineering students, staff

Nineteen students from the College of Engineering recently became members of Iowa State’s Cardinal Key honor society, an organization established in 1926 to recognize students, faculty and staff at the university for their outstanding leadership, service contributions, scholarship achievements and character.

A total of 63 students were inducted during the society’s 88th formal induction ceremony. Several staff and faculty members were also initiated, including Joel Johnson, director of engineering student services, and Iowa State University President Steven Leath.

The following engineering students were inducted into the society on April 13, 2014:

  • Kaitlyn Aldrich, junior, civil engineering
  • Anthony Alleven, senior, computer engineering
  • Kimbra Bader, senior, industrial engineering
  • Ian Bryant, senior, aerospace engineering
  • Hillary Kletscher, senior, biological systems engineering
  • Christopher Levandowski, junior, civil engineering
  • John Lieser, senior, mechanical engineering
  • Amelia Medici, junior, industrial engineering
  • Rachel Morris, senior, chemical engineering
  • Rachel Philiph, senior, materials engineering
  • Caleb Prohaska, senior, construction engineering
  • Benjamin Reuter, senior, mechanical engineering
  • Kody Sjoblom, senior, agricultural engineering
  • Alisha Smith, junior, industrial engineering
  • Samuel Sparland, junior, chemical engineering and biochemistry
  • Kyle Tietz, senior, computer engineering
  • Paul Troupe, senior, aerospace engineering
  • Augustine Villa, senior, chemical engineering and physics
  • Cimone Wright, senior, computer engineering and electrical engineering