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Power outage: Making light of an inconvenient situation

Lights flickered and returned to normal. But a few moments later — total darkness.

This was a common scenario for people all over Ames due to the citywide power outage Tuesday, June 19. For those involved in new student orientation, the temporary blackout posed some challenges.

Incoming student Nicole Baker said she was on the sixth floor of Ross Hall getting to know her fellow history majors when the lights went off in the windowless room. Baker said she was not bothered by the darkness and thought it was kind of funny. Everyone in the room just used the light from their cell phones and carried on.

Incoming freshman Kurtis Chicoine, studying civil engineering, shared a similar experience. Chicoine was in Marston Hall learning how to register for classes when the power went out. The presentation continued despite the lack of electricity. For Chicoine, the darkness was not so much of a nuisance as was the heat. Chicoine and his parents had planned on staying in Ames overnight, but with the rest of the orientation activities canceled, they decided to drive back home to Des Moines to sleep in the welcomed air conditioning.

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