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Cyclone Power Pullers say new design, utility and driveline should boost performance

AMES, Iowa – This year’s ¼-scale tractor looks a lot more like a garden tractor than a hot rod pulling tractor.

There’s a nice black hood. LED headlights for the front. And a three-point hitch for the back.

It’s all about selling the 31-horsepower tractor as a multi-use vehicle for home, garden or acreage. And that could help the Cyclone Power Pullers, Iowa State University’s ¼-scale tractor team, score some design and aesthetics points in the International ¼-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition May 31-June 3 in Peoria, Ill. The contest is sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

But take a closer look underneath the hood of a $28,000, student-designed and student-built machine dubbed “Cymon Sez” and you’ll see the heavy duty frame and drivetrain of a pulling tractor. You’ll also hear Iowa State students explain how their new, infinitely variable transmission helps keep the engine in its optimal power band.

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