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Iowa Learning Farms and ISU Extension host field day

Farmers from all over gathered at the Iowa State University Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy Farm on Thursday, August 25, to participate in a field day hosted by Iowa Learning Farms, ISU Research and Demonstration Farms, and ISU Extension. The field day was focused on educating farmers on strip-tillage and demonstrating precision agriculture technology, a system …Continue reading “Iowa Learning Farms and ISU Extension host field day”

Iowa companies join to make ISU video board lift a success

You thought it was tough to mount your big-screen TV on the wall? You should see what it took to install the new video display at Jack Trice Stadium. Fans at Saturday’s Iowa State-Northern Iowa game will see the new video board, which will include a 80-foot-by-36-foot high-definition video screen and speaker system. Daktronics of …Continue reading “Iowa companies join to make ISU video board lift a success”

Howe holds lecture in atrium

Students of Aerospace Engineering 160 may have noticed they aren’t attending a traditional lecture. This fall, rather than cramming into a classroom or piling into a lecture hall, these soon-to-be engineers are taking a course at Howe Hall in the atrium. “We wanted to do something very different,” said Richard Wlezien, professor and chairman of the department …Continue reading “Howe holds lecture in atrium”

Van Leeuwen hosts four visiting scientists

Campus often seems quiet and barren during the summer months without the buzz of students, but tucked away in laboratories, researchers are hard at work. Of these scientists and engineers, some have traveled from all over the world to conduct cutting-edge research at Iowa State. This year, Vlasta Klima Balloun Professor of Engineering Hans van …Continue reading “Van Leeuwen hosts four visiting scientists”

Aluru selected for Biotechnology Council

Srinivas Aluru, professor of electrical and computer engineering; Byron Brehm-Stecher, associate professor of food science and human nutrition; Michael Cho, associate professor of biomedical sciences; and Erik Vollbrecht, associate professor of genetics, development and cell biology, have been selected to serve three-year terms on Iowa State University’s Biotechnology Council. The council makes recommendations to the …Continue reading “Aluru selected for Biotechnology Council”

Iowa State alumnus named Medtronic Fellow

Medtronic, one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers, has appointed Iowa State alumnus Charles Sidebottom (BSEE’68) a technical fellow. The appointment acknowledges his 31 years of leadership and exemplary contributions to the company. Medtronic established the Technical Fellow Program to recognize top technical employees who are distinguished in their field. Of the approximately 40,000 …Continue reading “Iowa State alumnus named Medtronic Fellow”

Dean and family welcomes students

Excitement continued to grow at Iowa State as students began moving back into the dorms last week. As boxes were unpacked and parents said their farewells, students anxiously waited for their Iowa State experience to begin. With enrollment numbers continuing to climb this year at the College of Engineering, no one was as proud or …Continue reading “Dean and family welcomes students”

STEM Camp shows the fun of engineering

Combining computers, LEGOS, and ice cream might sound like the recipe of a lazy summer afternoon, but the 8-14 year olds at STEM Camp on August 4-5 weren’t lounging around. They spent two days of their precious summer vacation on Iowa State’s campus learning about the wonders of engineering. STEM Camp participants learned about cyber …Continue reading “STEM Camp shows the fun of engineering”

Girls Only Camp explores engineering

Girls Only Camp took place August 3 and offered girls ages 8-14 the opportunity to explore different aspects of engineering. Participants attended short sessions about electrical engineering, alternative energy, business and manufacturing, robotics, and DNA. Female undergraduate students helped lead the lessons and gave participants the opportunity to ask questions about studying engineering and what …Continue reading “Girls Only Camp explores engineering”

MSE professor named 2011 ASM Fellow

Iowa State professor of materials science and engineering Scott Chumbley never envisioned himself standing in front of a classroom, lecturing students on the fundamentals of corrosion or preparing them for a study abroad trip. In fact, that was the opposite of where he wanted his career to take him. Throughout his schooling, Chumbley was set …Continue reading “MSE professor named 2011 ASM Fellow”

Engineers construct music

Engineers who want to interact with music can now do so in a modern way. Iowa State’s music technology minor mixes music with computer science, physics, and engineering to give students a chance to work with professional music software, as well as create software and interfaces of their own. Whether engineers want to work in …Continue reading “Engineers construct music”

Engineers construct music

Engineers hoping to interact with music at Iowa State don’t have to do so in the traditional sense. They don’t have to play a musical instrument, compose pages of sheet music, or understand the traditional theories behind composition. Instead, they can explore the newest innovations in the field through a music technology minor. Christopher Hopkins, …Continue reading “Engineers construct music”