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ECpE offers new option for students to earn graduate-level credit during senior year of undergraduate program

Ames, Iowa – Iowa State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) is introducing a new concurrent degree program for electrical and computer engineering students: a concurrent Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degree. The new concurrent degree program aims to attract students who want to earn a master’s degree, but who may not be able to stay on campus to finish the degree program after they receive their undergraduate degree.

“The department created the new BS/Master of Engineering concurrent program because it allows students to begin their graduate degree while an undergraduate,” says Vicky Thorland-Oster, manager of ECpE Student Services. “It enables students to accept a job right after receiving their Bachelor of Science degree and continue to finish their master’s degree off campus while they’re working in industry.”

The concurrent BS/MEng program in electrical or computer engineering allows students to take up to six credits of graduate-level coursework during the final semester of their undergraduate program and count those credits towards degree requirements for both their undergraduate and master’s degrees.

The ECpE department already offers two other concurrent degree programs in electrical and computer engineering: a concurrent Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree program and a Bachelor of Science and MBA degree program.  The new BS/MEng program requires coursework only, and does not require an oral examination, thesis, or creative component like the BS/MS program does. The BS/MEng program is directed toward students who do not wish to pursue a research-based career.

Students can apply to participate in the BS/MEng program during the first semester of their senior year. Entry into the program requires a record of high academic achievement, and students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition, students must be within 18 credits of completing requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

For more information, students can contact their academic advisor or visit the concurrent degree program web page.


Vicky Thorland-Oster, Student Services manager, (515) 294-8778,
Akhilesh Tyagi, ECpE Director of Graduate Education, (515) 294-4396,
Dana McCullough, communications specialist, (515) 294-3071,