Aerospace Engineering Alumna Kara Kranzusch and Dale Chimenti, Professor of AER E are featured in New 30-sec Marketing Spot for Iowa State University

Aerospace Engineering graduate Kara Kranzusch (BS, 2004) and Aero Eng Professor Dale Chimenti are featured in a new 30-sec marketing spot for Iowa State University.

After earning her MS at Georgia Tech, Kara landed her dream job as a mission controller at Johnson Space Center in Houston.  She cites Dr Chimenti’s positive influence on her career, and the commercial builds a story around this interaction between professor and student.

Highlights of Kara’s college career are mentioned, including a prestigious award from the AIAA that allowed her to travel to Japan to present her work. The Aerospace Engineering Department is proud of high-achieving graduates such as Kara, as they recognize that she is but one of many.