Aerospace alum joins group to lead human spaceflights

Michael Lammers, a 1996 Iowa State graduate with a BS in aerospace engineering, has been tapped to join a team of flight directors who will lead human spaceflights from Mission Control in Houston. To read more, click here.

Engineering researcher seeks answers to asteroid deflection

Ames, Iowa—An Asteroid Deflection Research Center (ADRC) has been established on the Iowa State campus to bring researchers from around the world to develop asteroid deflection technologies. The center was signed into effect in April by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. “In the early 1990s, scientists around the world initiated studies … Continue reading Engineering researcher seeks answers to asteroid deflection

Alan Sidlinger receives Spring 2008 Teaching Excellence Award

Alan Sidlinger– received a Teaching Excellence Award for Spring, 2008. His major professor is Dr Atul Kelkar and he was nominated for this excellence award by Joe Schaefer, his supervising instructor. The purpose of a Teaching Excellence Award “is to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement by graduate students in teaching.”