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Engineering researcher seeks answers to asteroid deflection

Ames, Iowa—An Asteroid Deflection Research Center (ADRC) has been established on the Iowa State campus to bring researchers from around the world to develop asteroid deflection technologies. The center was signed into effect in April by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. “In the early 1990s, scientists around the world initiated studies …Continue reading “Engineering researcher seeks answers to asteroid deflection”

Becky Johnson, AER E Alum, Lands Dream Job

Becky Johnson (BS Aero 2003, MEng Aero 2004) has landed her dream job. She loves Astrodynamics, and her job title for over three years has been Orbital Analyst with the Space Test and Engineering Contract (STEC) at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM. STEC supports the Space Development and Test Wing (SDTW). STEC is primarily composed …Continue reading “Becky Johnson, AER E Alum, Lands Dream Job”

AerE/MSE senior is commencement student marshal

David Lantz, a graduating senior with a double major in AerE and MSE, has been selected to serve as the College of Engineering student marshal at Iowa State’s undergraduate commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 10. In this role, Lantz will lead the engineering graduates in to the ceremony. The student marshal is selected by the …Continue reading “AerE/MSE senior is commencement student marshal”