Anderson welcomes Expedition 16 crew

Aerospace engineering alum Clay Anderson and his Expedition 15 crewmates welcomed the Expedition 16 crew to the International Space Station (ISS) on October 12. Iowa native Peggy Whitson is the Expedition 16 commander. While Anderson will remain on the ISS until early November, his two crewmates will depart on October 21 onboard the Soyuz. Their departure will mark the official end of the Expedition 15 mission. Until then, the crews are working together on preparations for space shuttle Discovery, which is scheduled to arrive October 25. Discovery will deliver the Harmony Node to the ISS. Harmony is the first new U.S. pressurized component to be added to the station since 2001.

To learn more about Anderson’s ISS assignment, visit theNASA International Space Station Web site. Images from the ISS are available on the Expedition 15 Gallery.