Iowa State’s solar cars wow students at North Fayette Valley

Iowa State University’s solar cars  inspire imagination and discussion at North Fayette Valley High School in West Union. North Fayette Valley science and I-Tech students met and interacted with college engineering students while asking questions about the solar car program on Monday. During the meeting, PrISUm team member Jeff Christensen, a junior in mechanical engineering, cruised around [Continue Reading…]

PrISUm’s Hyperion shines during Veishea

The frame of Team PrISUm’s solar car Hyperion was displayed during the Veishea parade and then outside Marston Hall on Saturday, April 21. The team has thus far been successful at sticking to their aggressive timeline to prepare the car for this summer’s 1,600 mile race, which will run from Rochester, New York, to St. [Continue Reading…]