​Iowa State University Announces the Vermeer International Leadership Program

Iowa State University has announced the 18 students selected to make up the inaugural class of a new leadership opportunity for students for the 2015-2016 academic year, sponsored by Vermeer Corporation, a global industrial and agricultural equipment company. Following their application, 54 students proceeded to the interview process managed by University faculty in the Leadership [Continue Reading…]

Kothari working on Android malware with help from DARPA

Android danger web

By Michael Still Your phone isn’t safe. Believe it or not, there was a time before voice command and GPS tracking when a phone was just a phone. Software plays a major role in making our phones do what they do which impacts in the way we live, work, and play. As a result, our safety [Continue Reading…]

Contributing to society through research

Long Que

New electrical and computer engineering associate professor investigates nanotechnologies Long Que always thought he wanted to be a physicist. But after receiving his bachelor’s in physics from Peking University, his dreams changed. He began researching at the Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, a top engineering research institution in China. That’s when [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State researchers to demonstrate cyber-physical security testbed for power grid at SmartAmerica Challenge expo

Manimaran Govindarasu

A team led by Manimaran Govindarasu of electrical and computer engineering has developed a realistic platform for power grid security research As cyber threats to the infrastructure of the nation’s electricity transmission grow in numbers and sophistication, so does the technology used to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate these attacks. PowerCyber, a cyber-physical security testbed developed [Continue Reading…]

Alumni named 2014 Iowa STATEment Makers

Two College of Engineering alumni made the Iowa State Alumni Association’s list of 2014 Iowa STATEment Makers. Aaron Becker graduated with a degree in electrical and computer engineering in 2005 and is now working to apply swarming micro-robot technology to medical MRI scanners. Matt England, 2011 aerospace engineering grad, travels the western U.S. as a [Continue Reading…]

Engineering students excel at Iowa Wind Energy Association Conference Poster Competition

Engineering scholarship paves way for new experiences


When Casey Nelson sits down, you can tell he’s a student with a lot on his plate. It’s not that he seems overwhelmed. It’s more like he’s assessing a checklist in his mind that is constantly changing but never fully going away. As he starts in about his experience as a student in biological systems [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State turns on ‘Cyence,’ the most powerful computer ever on campus

Cyence Feature

AMES, Iowa – The most powerful computer ever on the Iowa State University campus – a machine dubbed “Cyence” that’s capable of 183.043 trillion calculations per second with total memory of 38.4 trillion bytes – is just beginning to produce data for 17 research projects. The thinking and infrastructure behind the new machine will have [Continue Reading…]

Greg Luecke showcases combine simulator at Iowa State Fair

Luecke's team

Greg Luecke, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and four of his graduate students will spend the next week and a half at the Iowa State Fair as their research project with John Deere is featured in the Agriculture Building. A harvesting combine simulator with virtual reality interface is currently in the human testing stage to [Continue Reading…]

Video wall makes big splash at Coover

As you walk in the east doors of Coover Hall, prepare to be wowed. Visitors are greeted with a stunning video wall that, fittingly, is intended to showcase and inspire work being done in the department of electrical and computer engineering. The video display measures nearly 16 feet wide and seven feet high, and comprises [Continue Reading…]

ECpE, EPRC sponsor two-day cyber security short course


The Iowa State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in conjunction with the Electric Power Research Center, held a two-day short course that covered basic principles of cyber security. The course, called ‘On Cyber Security of the Electric Power Grid with Attacks-Defense Training,’ was offered July 15-16 in Coover Hall. The course covered specific [Continue Reading…]

Engineering background helps Steve Mosher in legal field

Steve Mosher

As with many people, Steve Mosher’s career shifted from his original plan to become an engineer. But unlike others, his knowledge of engineering was, in part, what led him to law school 22 years later. In 1963, Mosher enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, knowing the draft was “an ever-present possibility.” He served four years [Continue Reading…]

Iowa in good shape under Obama energy plan

Sweeping changes could be coming to Iowa’s energy grid. President Obama recently announced limits on carbon emissions, as he encouraged the use of alternative energy under a proposed plan. James McCalley, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Iowa State, says energy companies in Iowa have been investing in renewable energy for close to ten [Continue Reading…]

Safe and Secure: Doug Jacobson talks computer security

When Doug Jacobson joined the computer engineering faculty at Iowa State University in 1985, no one talked about security. “Then, we spend most of a decade trying to convince people it was a problem,” he said. Farming has changed in that time, too, moving data from notebooks strewn around a pickup’s cab to computer programs [Continue Reading…]

Arun Somani named associate dean for research at Iowa State University’s College of Engineering

Somani named associate dean for research

Arun Somani has been named associate dean for research at Iowa State University’s College of Engineering. His appointment will begin July 1. Somani is currently an Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in the college’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where he also previously served as department chair. Somani joined the Iowa State faculty in 1997 [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State, Nazarbayev University partner for organic solar cell research

Front Page

The safe, effective production of clean energy is a worldwide undertaking, so it’s only natural for researchers at Iowa State University to collaborate with scientists from around the world to develop solutions. Vikram Dalal, Director of the Iowa State Microelectronics Research Center and Thomas Whitney Professor in electrical and computer engineering, has developed a collaborative [Continue Reading…]

Gaming at ECpE

illustration zoom out web

This feature debuted in the Spring 2013 issue of ECpE Connections Magazine Brian Kraus, Robert Romore, and Jacob Cramer are architects, but they don’t build museums. They’re designers, but they don’t lay out magazines. They work with physics, but they’re not physicists. All three are software engineering majors, but they consider themselves game developers at heart. [Continue Reading…]

ECpE’s Laugen named a Wallace E. Barron scholar

Austin with Senior Design Project web

by Thane Himes When senior Austin Laugen got a call from the Alumni Association, he thought it was a donation call. Little did he know he was being given one of the most prestigious honors a graduating senior can obtain at Iowa State University. Laugen, a computer engineering major, was named one of this year’s [Continue Reading…]

Engineering students learn glassblowing skills through Gaffer’s Guild

Blowing glass is a form of art that takes practice to perfect. The glassblowing studio on campus has been used to perfect that art within the Gaffer’s Guild. The Gaffer’s Guild is made up of ISU students and Ames residents who  learn to create unique glass objects. “Your imagination is your limit,” said Tanner Borglum, [Continue Reading…]

Liang Dong featured in Lab on a Chip Journal

Dong device web

By Thane Himes ECpE professor Liang Dong’s latest research recently was featured on the back cover of the journal, Lab on a Chip. Dong’s research project, which is a collaboration with Richard Martin, Professor, of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State, focuses on a high-throughput, low-cost way to monitor the movement of microscopic nematodes using a [Continue Reading…]

Jacobson wins IEEE award for education innovation

Doug Jacobson

Doug Jacobson, University Professor of electrical and computer engineering and IEEE fellow, was presented with a 2012 Major Educational Innovation Award from the IEEE Educational Activities Board at a ceremony held in Austin, Texas, February 15. The award recognized Jacobson’s career in instruction and educational outreach, citing him for “creating innovative materials that support the [Continue Reading…]

Industrial design class tackles tractor rollover safety products and outreach

A research and outreach collaboration led by Iowa State’s Department of Industrial Design has designed an amazingly simple product that could save hundreds of farmers lives in Iowa alone. They have developed a prototype of a device that addresses one aspect of tractor rollover fatalities: response time. The tractor-mounted communications device alerts family and emergency [Continue Reading…]

ISU Group Visits Garmin Headquarters

2012 Garmin Scholars web

A group of Iowa State faculty, staff, and students visited Garmin International in Olathe, Kan. late last year. The trip, led by Anson Marston Distinguished Professor and Palmer Endowed Department Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering David Jiles, included a number of Garmin Scholars and several representatives from the Iowa State College of Engineering and [Continue Reading…]

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust funds brain stimulation research

The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust of Muscatine, Iowa, recently committed $395,280 over a two-year period to establish a laboratory for brain stimulation research at Iowa State University. “We believe this is an important area with a range of likely beneficial impacts for health care,” said David C. Jiles, principal investigator for the project, and [Continue Reading…]

Roohparvar named COO of Skyera


Iowa State University alumnus Frankie Roohparvar (BS CE ’84) has been named Skyera’s new Chief Operating Officer. Roohparvar has nearly 30 years of professional experience and has joined Skyera after 13 years at Micron, where he worked primarily with Flash memory and NAND development. “Having been involved with NAND from the early days of its [Continue Reading…]