Daily reporter gets hacked

Doug Jacobson

One hour is how long it could take for my identity to be stolen. And that’s how long it took three graduate students to create a website façade that would allow them to see the password that could lead them to my social security number, my identity. With today’s push in mobile technology, people may [Continue Reading…]

ISU trains the next white-hat hackers

Doug Jacobson

Defenders of cybersecurity are fighting against the current, Iowa State University professor Doug Jacobson said. “All we ever are are defenders,” said Jacobson, an electrical and computer engineering professor. “Imagine playing a sport where you could never put your offensive team on the field.” Jacobson is also the director of Iowa State’s Information Assurance Center, [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State information assurance master’s degree commended

Doug Jacobson

Department of electrical and computer engineering online master’s program named number four in the nation The online master’s degree in information assurance at Iowa State has been ranked fourth in the nation by The Best Schools. Guidelines for selection included academic excellence, types of available classes, faculty strength, rankings and reputation. The top three schools [Continue Reading…]

ISU’s IT-Olympics touted as great way to prepare students for cyber-jobs – and cyber-warfare

The 2014 IT-Olympics held this past spring at Iowa State were mentioned in an article posted to The Fiscal Times and The Week. The story talks about how activities like the IT-Olympic’s Cyber Defense Competition “improve cyber education at the high school level at a time when the United States is falling behind in STEM education.” Doug Jacobson, an [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State remains a National Center of Academic Excellence for cyber security

Iowa State University has once again won designation as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education. The designation covers the academic years from 2014 to 2021. Iowa State was one of the first seven universities to earn the designation in 1999 and has had it ever since. “This goes to show our [Continue Reading…]

National Cyber Defense Competition at Iowa State challenges, prepares students


The holiday headlines about stolen credit and debit card numbers were a reminder that cyber security can’t be taken for granted. And so the National Cyber Defense Competition at Iowa State University is a lot more than an academic exercise. “Yes, this does matter,” said Doug Jacobson, a University Professor of electrical and computer engineering [Continue Reading…]

Information assurance coursework-only master’s program offers flexibility in growing field

Jeremiah Bristow

Data breaches like the one Target faced this holiday shopping season are a constant concern in the information assurance field. Doug Jacobson, University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center, says cybersecurity is increasingly crucial as more data is stored digitally. “Hackers are getting more sophisticated [Continue Reading…]

Jacobson named a Distinguished Member of the ACM


by Michael Still Doug Jacobson, University Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, recently was named a Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). He was honored, along with three other recipients in the educator category, for his accomplishments and career achievements. “To be named a distinguished educator by a group [Continue Reading…]

ECpE hosts annual Cyber Defense Competition

Cyber Defense Logo

More than 200 Iowa State University students will spend a Saturday beating back eight hours of computer attacks. It’s the latest edition of the annual Cyber Defense Competitions at Iowa State. It will run from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sept. 21 on the first floor of Coover Hall. The event is free and open [Continue Reading…]

ECpE, EPRC sponsor two-day cyber security short course


The Iowa State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in conjunction with the Electric Power Research Center, held a two-day short course that covered basic principles of cyber security. The course, called ‘On Cyber Security of the Electric Power Grid with Attacks-Defense Training,’ was offered July 15-16 in Coover Hall. The course covered specific [Continue Reading…]

Students will be doing vulnerability tests on security products at Iowa State University’s new lab

Iowa State University (ISU) is setting up a product-security test and evaluation lab where university students will be assessing network security products’ strengths and weaknesses in a formal program supervised by faculty and a newly named lab director. “We have a large pool of students interested in cybersecurity,” says Dr. Doug Jacobson, director of ISU’s [Continue Reading…]

ECpE engineers featured in EEWeb

EEWeb background

Manimaran Govindarasu, Professor and Associate Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Doug Jacobson, University Professor, and Koray Celik, ECpE graduate assistant, were featured this week in EEWeb, one of the premier online communities for electrical engineering hardware designers. Govindarsu discusses how he first became interested in the engineering field and what is on his book shelf. [Continue Reading…]

Engineering professor and student bond over shared interests

Students in HABET prepare to launch a high altitude balloon

Traditionally, graduate students and their major professors become very well acquainted. They spend hours together furthering research and exploring new theories. Every now and again, a passion outside of academics crops up, just as it has for Doug Jacobson and Joseph Idziorek, who formed a unique bond over foot races that have had them doing [Continue Reading…]

Jacobson notes increase in demand for online lectures

ECpE professor Doug Jacobson talks about the rising trend in on-demand videos for entertainment and in the classroom in the the Des Moines Register article “VCRs’ days are numbered in Des Moines area.”

A shift in expectations

The Iowa State College of Engineering’s career services team is helping students gain a better understanding of the growing expectations employers have for engineering students. As the number of employers looking to hire engineers continues to rise, so do expectations of graduates, causing a shift in skills demand. This shift, which became evident just a [Continue Reading…]

Cyber test lab at Iowa State University will simulate threats on national grid

Doug Jacobson

Academics and researchers at Iowa State University have developed a cyber test bed that can simulate all sorts of Internet-based attacks on computer networks, and will soon begin using this test bed to simulate attacks on portions of the national electricity grid. With the help of $500,000 in seed money from the U.S. Department of [Continue Reading…]

Engineering expert reflects on Steve Jobs’ contributions to computer engineering

Iowa State University was home to the first computer which was completed back in 1942. But professors there say it wasSteve Jobs’ vision many years later that turned the computer from a novelty into a product the general public found useful. “Apple has really had a major role in that evolution,” said Dr. Doug Jacobson, [Continue Reading…]

Jacobson adds information security insight to Viewpoints interview

During a recent Viewpoints segment about Google, Doug Jacobson, Professor of Electrical  and Computer Engineering and Director of the Information Assurance Center, discussed how Google can seemingly know where you are located during searches by evaluating the address your computer uses when it connects to the Internet. He also discussed how companies can’t tie your [Continue Reading…]

Jacobson named IEEE Fellow

Doug Jacobson

Doug Jacobson, director of the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center and a university professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been named a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Fellow is the highest grade of membership in IEEE. “It is an honor to be recognized among many other individuals who [Continue Reading…]

Defenders at the Digital Frontier

The NSF’s ‘Scholarship for Service’ program helps ISU prepare the next generation of leaders in information assurance

Idziorek uses IBM PhD Fellowship to research cloud computing security


Joseph Idziorek has found his place in cloud computing, and IBM has noticed. A doctoral student in electrical and computer engineering (ECpE) at Iowa State University, Idziorek was recently awarded an IBM PhD Fellowship. The award comes with a $20,000 stipend and $10,000 education allowance, and marks the fourth time in the past six years [Continue Reading…]

Information security takes center stage

Doug Jacobson

Doug Jacobson, University Professor, stages a cyberdefense competition in the Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment, a virtual Internet developed to study and teach computer security. Watch the video from ISU CoE