Iowa State researchers hope to make bioplastic adhesives stick in the marketplace

David Grewell

Written by Fred Love, Iowa State University News Service Researchers at Iowa State University are working to prove that adhesives made from a byproduct of biodiesel production can offer consumers a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to the acrylic adhesives currently on the market. Their goal is to produce commercially viable bioplastic adhesives that will [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State building research and development program for bioplastics


Kenny McCabe and James Schrader grabbed two pots of marigolds and placed them on a greenhouse bench. On the left, in a pot made from a biorenewable mix of soy protein and polylactic acid, was a thick plant with three orange-gold blooms and four buds about to pop, its leaves a rich and dark green. [Continue Reading…]

Construction industry builds on biotechnologies

From a higher-strength concrete to quickly degrading items used during construction, researchers from Iowa State and Kansas State Universities continue to develop biobased construction materials. David Grewell, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, is working on biobased materials that degrade quickly and could be used during construction. Read the full story from Iowa Farmer [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State wins grant for new bioplastics center

A new center that will research bioplastics and biocomposites is getting a boost from a planning grant from the National Science Foundation. NSF is giving start-up funding to the Biopolymers and Biocomposites Research Team at Iowa State University. The proposed center will be collaboration between Iowa State and the UMass Lowell’s department of plastics engineering. [Continue Reading…]

USDA awards Iowa State grant to develop biorenewable plant containers

Iowa State University has been awarded a grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop biorenewable and biodegradable containers for the specialty crop industry. The $1.9 million grant will be used to develop bioplastic containers as an alternative to petroleum-based pots. Bill Graves, professor of horticulture, will lead the research team that includes David [Continue Reading…]

Learn to run a biorefinery in a virtual control room developed by Iowa State researchers

David Grewell flipped on the augers that carry corn from a truck to a biorefinery. Then, with a few more clicks of his computer mouse, he turned on the pumps that send grain all the way through an ethanol plant, from storage to hammer mill to slurry tanks to jet cooker to liquefaction, fermentation, distillation, [Continue Reading…]

Grewell earns state-funded grant


David Grewell, an assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, was awarded one of seven Grow Iowa Values Fund grants for his work in high-powered ultrasonics. Read more about the grant awards.