World Food Day: Protecting natural resources through nutrient planning around the world

First established on Oct. 16, 1979, World Food Day recognizes the day in 1945 when 42 countries assembled in Quebec, Canada to create the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to free humanity from hunger and malnutrition, effectively managing the global food system.

ME professor studies biological aspects of mechanical engineering

While mechanical engineering has historically conjured up images of grease and gears, assistant professor Sarah Bentil’s research aims to expand the field by focusing on what she considers “the ultimate machine”:  the human body. “Just as with any machine, the body requires power to do work and it can also fail. The objective of my [Continue Reading…]

Two ME professors receive Air Force research awards

Mechanical engineering assistant professors Soumik Sarkar and Travis Sippel are recent recipients of the Air Force Office of Science Research‘s (AFOSR) Young Investigator Program (YIP) award. Sarkar was awarded for his research proposal entitled “A Neural-Symbolic approach to Real-time Decision-making in Complex Aerospace Systems” while Sippel’s proposal is “Microwave Enhancement of Composite Solid Propellant Flames.” Matthew Panthani, an [Continue Reading…]

Webinar to address common misconceptions about drainage and water quality

Iowa Learning Farms has hosted a number of field days in 2016 where farmers, landowners, agriculture professionals and many others have come together to learn about conservation farming practices. At these events, many attendees have had common questions, and sometimes common misconceptions, about water quality and drainage.

Bypassing cognitive bottleneck: $1M National Science Foundation grant awarded to CCEE’s Sharma, multi-disciplinary team

For emergency responders and traffic operators, safety on highways has long been a struggle to reduce response times to accidents while keeping roadway congestion to a minimum. For researcher Anuj Sharma, there’s subtler factors to be taken into account. One of those factors? It’s a syndrome called cognitive bottleneck. “Even if there is an incident [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State researchers fabricate microfibers for single-cell studies, tissue engineering

Hanna, ISU extension and outreach advises combine adjustment for wet fields

As the fall harvest continues to push on across the Midwest, frequent storms and rainfall have dampened many producers’ fields, and this trend will likely continue through October. Dr. H. Mark Hanna, an agricultural engineer with Iowa State University, has recently published a series of combine adjustment tips that could help producers better cope with [Continue Reading…]

Students conduct biomass research at BioCentury Research Farm

At the BioCentury Research Farm, student researchers are learning valuable skills, including how to use stalks from crops to create renewable biofuels and how to grow algae for use in aquaculture feed and water cleanup systems. The BioCentury Research Farm is the first integrated research and demonstration facility in the nation dedicated to biomass production [Continue Reading…]

Cloaked in adventure

Iowa State, Ames Laboratory researchers developing new steel for better electric motors

Researchers from Iowa State and the Ames Laboratory are leading development of a new kind of steel for the motors in electric vehicles. The new steel would help make the motors smaller, lighter, more powerful and more cost effective. The U.S. Department of Energy is supporting the work with a three-year, $3.8 million grant.

Harvest-related publications included in food safety series available from Iowa State University

“Increased production coupled with consumer demands for food safety assurance require good manufacturing practices and the training to support them, at all levels of the grain market,” said Charles Hurburgh, professor-in-charge of the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative. “Market activities are much more interrelated than in the past.”

Iowa State, Chevron team up to develop pilot plant, advance biofuel technology