SMART BRICK reduces risks from seismic events

CCEE associate professor joins in international collaboration to preserve Europe’s oldest infrastructure, increase safety for residents Just because a building survives an earthquake doesn’t mean it’s safe. “About 60 percent of Italian buildings, including those belonging to the historic heritage, are made of brick masonry,” said Filippo Ubertini, an associate professor of structural design at Italy’s University [Continue Reading…]

CCEE associate professor implements new techniques for classroom learning

Associate Professor Peter Savolainen embraces team-based learning, flipped classroom method to stretch students’ abilities New teaching methods are flipping traditional classroom learning on its head. Team-based learning (TBL) helping students learn from peers. Flipped learning methods lead students to review materials outside of the classroom. Class time is then used for questions, discussion and projects. These methods [Continue Reading…]

CALS young alum of the month: Kruse (AST)

Name: Brad Kruse, Title and Company: Test Engineer, Kine Manufacturing, Hometown: Dyersville, IA, Major and Graduation Date: M.S. Industrial and Agricultural Technology- Fall 2015; B.S. Agricultural Systems Technology- Spring 2014 Major Job/Position Responsibilities: I support product testing from the point of initial concept to production on new products and options for the both planter and grain cart product [Continue Reading…]

ECpE student awarded for life saving actions

ABE alum creates ISU startup factory company to take on the mitigation of N and P

As Iowa State University researchers Dr. Martin Gross (former graduate student in agricultural and biosystems engineering) and Dr. Zhiyou Wen worked in their lab to develop an algal growth technology to create algal biomass, they never imagined that what they developed would also solve a problem much bigger and way beyond the original scope of [Continue Reading…]

Andersen: 5 tips for understanding manure management

MSE professor and postdoc awarded RIF grant to progress the commercialization of newly discovered, patent-pending critical material recovery process

With the rise in demand for new electronics and better technology, there is also a rise in waste material. There is a need for a more efficient but affordable recovery processes. What happens to all the material waste after old and unused technologies get replaced? Is there value in the materials that remain? How can [Continue Reading…]

The Gaffer’s Guild celebrates their final ‘hoorah’ in the Sweeney Hall Glass Studio

The furnace is off, and the next chapter begins for the Iowa State University Gaffer’s Guild. They shut down the Sweeney Hall Glass Studio for the last time at 1:36 a.m. on Tuesday, November 29, 2016. The glass studio has been operating in 1334 Sweeney Hall since April 29, 2000. The Gaffer’s Guild is led [Continue Reading…]

Birds-eye view of agriculture

Matt Darr, an associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering at Iowa State University, called UAVs a “bleeding-edge technology” with great potential in agriculture. And faculty and students at Iowa State are playing a multifaceted role in advancing this emerging technology, he says. Iowa State engineers are developing software to make UAVs smarter and faster at [Continue Reading…]

Andersen: Workshop offers insight on water quality issues

When Iowans talk about water quality, they sometimes think the major problem is manure. “I’m a big fan of the nutrient reduction strategy,” says Iowa State University Extension Agricultural Engineer Dan Andersen. “I’m not a big fan of when people call it the manure reduction strategy.” Andersen was one of the speakers at a manure management workshop [Continue Reading…]

Soil to space

Amy Kaleita, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, has many reasons for working with remote sensing. “I got into sensors because I think they’re cool and fun,” she says, “but also as a grad- uate student I did enough field work by hand that I thought, we’d never be able to answer these big questions [Continue Reading…]

Monitoring animal health

Researchers are using remote sensing technologies to increase the health and efficiency of livestock production. One of the studies involved tracking chickens to get a sense of the basics for potential cage-free production. How many feeders to provide a cage-
free flock is one of the many production questions that need answering, says Hongwei Xin, director of [Continue Reading…]