Students take oath to be responsible engineers

Joel Sikkema, a PhD candidate in environmental engineering, is among 22 Iowa State engineering students who participated in a rite of passage from student to professional on November 29, 2011. They proudly call it the Order of the Engineer.

During the ceremony, participants recite an obligation focused on being honest and ethical in their work as engineers. “This ceremony is a visible sign that I take serious responsibility in my work as an engineer,” Sikkema said. “I look to serve the public good.”

Sikkema is a member of the Graduate Student Council, and he also led the first annual Graduate Student Research Showcase and Poster Competition for the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering in September, working with industry partners, faculty, and fellow graduate students to host a competition that attracted hundreds.

The ceremony also featured a welcome, history of the order, and each participant was given a ring and certificate to serve as a reminder of his or her obligation.

Hosted by the Engineering Student Council (ESC), the event has been held at Iowa State since 2002. Andrew Gall, vice president of events for ESC and junior in mechanical engineering, says the event is important for graduating students who are preparing to transition into the workforce. “As engineers, people’s lives depend on our work,” he said. “When you make a commitment by taking the oath, you are reminded to take pride in your work and do what’s best for the community.”

Order of the Engineer fall 2011
Micayla Haugen takes an oath to be an ethical and responsible engineer during the Order of the Engineer ceremony.

Students who accepted the obligation were:

  • Ross Albert, mechanical engineering
  • Benjamin Britz, mechanical engineering
  • Barbara Corpman, mechanical engineering
  • Vince Ewald, agricultural engineering
  • Kelda Hankins, civil engineering
  • Steven Harris, industrial engineering and MBA
  • Micayla Haugen, mechanical engineering
  • Brittany Horak, construction engineering
  • Collin Howe, computer engineering
  • Joshua Ihm, mechanical engineering
  • Adrian Jagdeo, software engineering
  • Derek Joseph, mechanical engineering
  • Sarah Mestad, civil engineering
  • Tanner Munson, aerospace engineering
  • Thomas Naert, agricultural engineering
  • Brandon Peters, aerospace engineering
  • Jeff Peterson, mechanical engineering
  • Jacob Phillips, computer engineering
  • Mark Rogalski, materials engineering
  • Joel Sikkema, environmental engineering
  • Robert Viren, mechanical engineering
  • Ben Zweber, industrial engineering and MBA