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Tractor pull team hopes new design will overpower field in international competition (updated 6/10)

(Read the Iowa State Daily article about the team’s results.) Coming off last year’s fourth place finish in an annual, international ¼ scale tractor pull competition, Iowa State University’s team could have been justified in making a few small adjustments to their design and hoping to improve their ranking this year. Instead, the team decided [Continue Reading…]

Moon Shot: Student Team Takes Robot to NASA Lunar Mining Competition

(Update: Watch video of the competition.) It doesn’t stack cubes of trash or watch old movie musicals. And it’s never going to develop a crush on some sleek and sexy EVE. But WALL-E’s real-world cousin may one day mine minerals on the moon’s surface—a critical function in establishing the first permanent lunar colonies. Meet the Astro Robotic [Continue Reading…]

Biorenewables facility aims for ‘cohesion’

The Biorenewables Research Laboratory officially opened earlier this month on the west side of campus amid the other engineering buildings. Read the Des Moines Business Record story about the lab.

Morrow explores intersection of engineering, economics, and green policy

Engineers bring a critical perspective to the economic models and mathematical predictions that are used to influence public policy, says Iowa State mechanical engineer W. Ross Morrow. Read the full story.

State STEM education leaders gather to craft statewide plan

Cedar Falls, Iowa — The Iowa Mathematics and Education Partnership (IMSEP) announced Monday that key public and private leaders in Iowa’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education arenas recently joined forces to begin to create a STEM education strategic plan for the State of Iowa. IMSEP is a collaboration of Iowa’s public universities–including Iowa [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State Mini Baja Team hopes for better luck, better performance this year (updated 5/24)

Iowa State’s Mini Baja Team was ninth heading into the last – and biggest – event of the SAE Baja 2010 competition in Bellingham, Wash., sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. And the off-road racer the students had designed and built was running like they thought it would. But there were some problems during [Continue Reading…]

National Science Foundation’s Scholarship for Service Program helps Iowa State prepare the next generation of leaders in information assurance

To call Susan Wade “unique” is an understatement. A master’s student in information assurance, Wade is obviously the rare woman in a field dominated by men. And just south of 40, she is an older student among her largely twenty-something peers. But most unusually, until a few years ago Wade wasn’t remotely what you’d call a [Continue Reading…]

A Mile in His Shoes

More than talk, ChE alum Mike McBreen walks the walk when it comes to corporate social responsibility

Busting Armageddon

Move over, Bruce Willis: Bong Wie and colleagues are building tools to protect the planet from rogue asteroids

Defenders at the Digital Frontier

The NSF’s ‘Scholarship for Service’ program helps ISU prepare the next generation of leaders in information assurance

ECpE offers new option for students to earn graduate-level credit during senior year of undergraduate program

Ames, Iowa – Iowa State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) is introducing a new concurrent degree program for electrical and computer engineering students: a concurrent Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degree. The new concurrent degree program aims to attract students who want to earn a master’s degree, but who may [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State engineers design power structures that help keep the lights on (updated 5/26)

The metal poles that carry power lines across the country are built to take whatever blows at them. So they’re big and round and sturdy – as much as 12 feet in diameter and 100 feet high. But transmission poles can still fail under the stress of extreme ice and wind. They could also be [Continue Reading…]